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Center of Infection Biology and Immunity

Online workshop included self-learning

May 10, 2021

Date: 10th of May 2021 (start),
17th -  18th of May 2021 (group session),  20th  – 21st of May 2021 (1:1 session)  

Max. 12 participants, 400 EUR attendance fee

For doctoral students already with some data.

The Data Analysis workshop enables laboratory-based life scientists to use the R statistical programming environment to analyse their own data. R is an open-source cross-platform software tool that combines data manipulation, statistical modelling and visualisation. This workshop will focus on data manipulation and biostatistics modelling using relevant examples from the life sciences. Using plenty of hands-on exercises, participants will learn about different data structures and functions in R, how to manage and ask specific questions of their data, and use the results of statistical tests. Programming capabilities that make R well-suited to data manipulation will also be introduced.

Time & Location

May 10, 2021

Online workshop