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Center of Infection Biology and Immunity

Presentation Skills - Visualisation - online

May 27, 2021

Dates: 27. - 28.05.2021, each 9am - 1pm

Trainer: Sascha Vogel (Science Birds)

Target Group: Candidates in all years of doctorate (up to 10 spots, €130 / person)


Whether it's a seminar at university, a working group meeting or a presentation at an international conference - the visual presentation of science accompanies us through all phases of life and career stages. This makes it all the more important to be able to use this form of communication.

In our presentation training courses, participants learn everything they need to know for a successful presentation. From the question of which type of presentation suits which occasion, to the selection of the slide design - we keep the requirements and goals of scientists in mind and address the needs of the participants.


- Visualisation of data

- Working with templates

- Working with PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.

- Design of appealing and understandable slides

- Designing presentations, posters and handouts - differences and similarities