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Center of Infection Biology and Immunity

Getting funded - Ruth Willmott

Aug 12, 2021

Date: 12-13 August + 17-18 August (in person)

1.5-day Intro followed by 2x 1-day Follow-up days

Max. 10 participants, 565 EUR attendance fee each

Getting Funded is intended for advanced doctoral researchers to follow the academic tenure.

Do you want to get your own research fellowship but don’t know how to get started? The Getting Funded Workshop addresses the needs of PhD students wanting to apply for funding for their first postdoctoral position. Together we will explore what makes a research idea fundable and a research proposal reviewer friendly. Strategies on how best to present your research idea and yourself will be discussed. You will also be given the tools and the vocabulary to better write your research plan as well as sections not encountered at the paper writing stage, such as justifying choice of lab, projecting your future career aims and promoting yourself as the ideal researcher for the job. 

Organised by Berlin-Brandenburg School for Regenerative Therapies (register with ZIBI)