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Science - Ethics - Politics

Poster SEP 2018

Poster SEP 2018
Image Credit: IMPRS-IDI

We believe that exposure of our doctoral researchers to ethical and political questions is important for their development towards mature scientists. All junior researchers are prepared for their societal role by the annual Science-Ethics-Politics event run by ZIBI GS. Science-Ethics-Politics is designed to promote discussion and provide education on the growing public and political interest in science and the individual scientist in society.

Science-Ethics-Politics 2018
Science: Lost in Translation

Date: October 19, 2018
Organizers: Sara Campos, Nayar Duran, Marilena Letizia, Valerie Plajer, Anna Weyrich

This Year, we will cover two interesting and current issues:

  • From bench to publication: Communication problems within the science community
    In this session, we will have a chance to find out more about reproducibility of scientific findings, the impact of retractions on the scientific community as well as the emerging problem of predatory journals.
  • From publication to society: Challenges in communicating research to the public
    Here, we will learn more about the psychology behind fake news spreading, about translating science for journalistic purposes and about the multiple tools to communicate with the public.
  • Additionally, we will ask the question “Are scientists obliged to communicate with the public?” and discuss it with 3 invited guest speakers.

The lectures as well as the discussion are open for the public and free of charge. The event will be held in English.

10am – 12pm: From bench to publication lectures
12pm – 1pm: Lunch break
1pm – 2:45pm: From publication to society lectures
3:15pm – 4pm: Discussion: Are scientists obliged to communicate with the public?
4:15pm - 6pm: for ZIBI-students: Additionally, we will offer 3 possible workshops on science communication from 4pm to 6pm (limited space). These will give you an introduction to scientific presentations to the public (i.e. science slam), scientific blogs and scientific mobile reporting.

Head over to facebook for more details!

Previous events:

Brave New World: Can We vs. Should We.

Date: February 3, 2017
Organizers: Hellen Buijze, Paul Morath, Ankur Midha, Markus Gildenhard, Lisa Scheuermann

  • Session I Genome editing in the era of CRISPR/Cas
    Panel discussion with Peter Dabrock (President German Ethics Council), Stefan Mundlos (Director Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics) and Tony Nolan (Scientist/Gene Drive Expert)
  • Session II Communicating new technologies to the public
    Talks and discussion with Michael J Gorman (Chair Life Sciences in Society, LMU), Bart Knols (Scientist & Science Communicator), Annette Klinkert (City2Science) and Kathrin Zinkant (Science Journalist & Editor, SZ)
  • Session III Workshop on Science Communication