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Center of Infection Biology and Immunity

Workshop Introduction to applied statistics

Nov 29, 2023 - Dec 01, 2023

Workshop: Introduction to applied statistics

Date & Time: Nov 29-30 - Dec 1 (three days); 9am - 4pm (each day)


  • This three-day course will cover the main methods of interval estimation and hypothesis tests for means, proportions and quantiles, sample size estimations, simple linear regression, contingency tables and ANOVA methods. The emphasis will be on the applied side, with illustrative exercises and discussion of the methods without entering in the details of their mathematical justification.
  • The theoretical part will be explained by means of examples and intuitive arguments. Knowledge of calculus and probability theory is of advantage but not necessary to follow the course.
  • At the end and during the course you will have access to the lecture notes with the computations of the examples. The examples will be designed so that you can reproduce the results using your own reference software.
  • During the course you won't make any direct calculation but you will have time to think about the problem. Nevertheless, you will receive the Jupyter notebooks and a full set of useful functions in Python that you can use in most of your projects.
  • The course materials and the Jupyter notebooks will be made available to registered participants who attended the entire course.

Elementary knowledge of or some practical experience with statistics together with high-school math will help getting most out of this course.:

Instructor: Angelo Valleriani

Registration: If you are interested in participating, please ask your local coordinator for the money budget. If you have the "OK", please register at IMPRS-IDI office (imprs-office@mpiib-berlin.mpg.de).

Time & Location

Nov 29, 2023 - Dec 01, 2023

Virtual via Zoom (you will get the Zoom-link with an e-mail)

Further Information

IMPRS-IDI office (imprs-office@mpiib-berlin.mpg.de)