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Center of Infection Biology and Immunity


This is the virtual home of the Center of Infection Biology and Immunity (ZIBI) and the ZIBI Graduate School.

Established in 2005, we are the scientific hub for Berlin-based scientists interested in infection biology and immunology. The unique assemblage of research groups that focus on infection medicine has made Berlin an ideal location for our ZIBI. We provide a network for biologists, medicals, veterinarians, biophysicists and other researchers from the disciplines of virology, bacteriology, parasitology, immunology and disease ecology. Learn more about our faculty here.

The ZIBI Graduate School Berlin provides an umbrella structure for graduate training programs with a focus on research in infection and immunity. Here, we aim to bridge the traditional divide between individual disciplines and to provide a truly interdisciplinary framework for the doctoral researchers. They explore innovative concepts, techniques and topics to prepare for their professional careers. The primary goal of the ZIBI Graduate School is to train young scientists for a future research or other professional career in the field of infection biology and immunology. Learn more about the training program or get to know our junior researchers here.

Many of our events are open to all. You may have heard about the Berlin Life Science Colloquium, the annual ZIBI Summer School and Scientific Summer Symposium or the annual Science-Ethics-Politics event. You can find a compilation of all events here.

Lastly, if you got lost searching for something specifically, please feel free to contact us.


  • autoimmune diseases
  • bacteriology
  • chronic inflammations
  • development of immune cells
  • disease ecology
  • infection biology
  • neuroimmunology
  • parasitology
  • pathogen-host co-evolution
  • pathogen-host interactions
  • pathogenicity mechanisms
  • virology
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