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Center of Infection Biology and Immunity

ZIBI Graduate School Berlin

Training Concept

Training Concept
Image Credit: IMPRS-IDI

The overall concept of the ZIBI training program is to enable young researchers to integrate knowledge across disciplines utilizing the broad-ranging expertise of the scientists involved. Doctoral researchers explore innovative concepts, techniques and topics to prepare themselves for a professional career. Our primary goal is to train young scientists for a future research and professional career in the field of infection biology and immunology.

We believe that critical know-how is more efficiently taught through cooperative work, discussion of projects between doctoral researchers, and speeches delivered by distinguished speakers, rather than by reliance on pure course work. The syllabus and the requirements for successful completion of the program are tailor-made for the individual necessities of each doctoral researcher.

Three divisions with mandatory and optional elements contribute to the curriculum:

  • Scientific Education: colloquia, lectures, seminars, good scientific practice, critical reading of literature, experimental skills, data analysis skills, presentation and discussion of research findings, scientific writing.
  • Scientific Communication and Meetings: local mentoring and supervision, contact to peers, contact to international experts and the scientific community.
  • Transferable Skills: communication, conflict management, organizational skills, outreach to the public, political involvement, intercultural competence.

Additionally, project design and supervision of undergraduate students is acknowledged in the final certificate, as well as supervision of practical courses.

All doctoral researchers have to attend a workshop on Good Scientific Practice and are sensitized annually at the Science-Ethics-Politics event. Science-Ethics-Politics is designed to promote discussion and provide education on the growing public and political interest in science and the individual scientist in society.

If you have started your PhD project in the ZIBI Graduate School already, please visit our Students Member Area!