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Center of Infection Biology and Immunity

Transferable Skills Training

Transferable skills are important for the success of a graduate student in a competitive research environment. We offer selected transferable skills courses, including courses promoting scientific development. Personal development courses include Time Management, Communication Skills and language courses. Offers specifically organized by the ZIBI Graduate School are supplemented by courses available through the Humboldt Graduate School and the Dahlem Research School. This allows doctoral researchers to choose from a variety of courses to specifically addressing their needs. International graduates are encouraged to attend German language courses in order to adjust to the new environment.

Dahlem Research School

The Dahlem Research School collates all offers for doctoral researchers in the Professional Development Program.

Please visit the closed member area for details on how to register the first time.

ZIBI Graduate School

We offer selected transferable skills courses promoting scientific development and career orientation.
If you have just started and are not sure about your next career step, you may attend the Career Orientation Workshop.
If you have advanced in your doctorate and want to set the course for your future (scientific) career, have a look at the Getting Funded Workshop and the Career Mentoring and Management Workshop.